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K Mereli Media Composer About

Hi. My name is K Mereli (real name Mamuka Megrelishvili) a New Jersey based media composer.

I’m originally from Tbilisi (Country Georgia) and have been living in USA  since 2016.


I was born and grew up into a musical family.

After spending six years at the Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, I hit the road as a composer and arranger.

Music has been my passion for decades, and throughout my long and fulfilling career as a composer, I've had the opportunity to create music for a wide range of media. From TV commercials and shows to films, documentaries and animations, musicals, theatrical and contemporary dance performances.

Image by Geert Pieters
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As a composer, my passion is to tell stories through music. Whether I'm working with a team of professionals or collaborating with clients directly, I prioritize communication and collaboration to ensure that every piece I create tells a compelling story and evokes a powerful emotional response.

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Music is driving my whole life. I find music within everything all around me. From the melodies of the wind in the trees to the bustle streets of the cities, or I might take aspects of my life and use that as inspiration. I get inspiration by watching people and talking to people. I write music based on what they say, do and feel.

Music is what I love, and music is what I always do.

I’m constantly seeking new collaborations with like-minded and creative people and ready to do new projects with them.

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